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December 1, 2009, 10:24 am
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After 5 years of constant pain, itching, bleeding and soreness in my nether regions, I was — as usual — feeling pretty desperate when I reached for the 1 oz. tube of Peaceful Mountain’s Eczederm Rescue last night.

I had tried every lotion, ointment, salve, and herb known to civilization to treat this mysterious rash which a doctor had assured me was the source of my symptoms. You have a form of eczema which is very hard to treat, he said, suggesting that I was allergic to my own fluids.

I used over-the-counter corticosteroids which made the problem worse over time, so I tried herbal versions, and they didn’t work either. I used aloe vera gel and tea tree which helped but didn’t make the vulvar dermatitis (also known as vaginal eczema) go away. Anybody who has had this condition knows the incredible mental and physical suffering that accompanies it. Prayer helped me get through these past several years, that along with the hope that I would be healed eventually.

So, this is where I was when I reached for the Eczederm Rescue last night — at the point where I would consent to pay 12 bucks for 1 oz worth of herbs combined with oil. Yep, this product is completely natural — one could probably make it in the kitchen with the herbs growing on the windowsill (a worthy summer project, perhaps).

Can I get a refund on this if it doesn’t work? I asked the manager of my neighborhood market. She said yes, provided I kept my receipt and so I forked over the cash and walked home and tried it.

At first there was stinging but within seconds every skin cell on my nether regions gave thanks! The inflammation began to cool immediately. I used almost half an ounce last night applying and reapplying, and with every application felt my symptoms diminish bit by bit.

This morning when I awoke, there was much less pain than the day before. I applied some more ointment, and noticed that there was much less reaction to it than the first time. It’s been about 3 hours since my initial application today and the pain has dulled, with no itching.

My apologies if this is TMI, but this symptom relief is nothing short of miraculous. So, I had to share. I get no kickbacks or Peaceful Mountain products for this testimonial — in fact, Peaceful Mountain (located in my hometown of Boulder, CO) has no idea that I am writing this blog post, though I will probably give them a heads up soon. Who wouldn’t want to know that their little company has helped ease such immense suffering?


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