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Giving Thanks For Gluten-Free Eats and the Bloggers Who Love Them–UPDATED
November 26, 2009, 4:01 pm
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So it’s mid-afternoon Thanksgiving Day, the teen next door is plucking at a banjo on the porch, a fluffy little 3-month old kitten is nibbling at my feet, and I am baking a pumpkin cheesecake pie. I used Arrowhead Mills quick pour for the filling, but otherwise followed this recipe from Low Carb Friends. If this works out, I”ll throw up a pic of the finished product.

I confess: I was a bit of a pouter this Thanksgiving. No stuffing? Nuts to that!!! was my attitude.

But judging from some g-f tweets, gluten-free is becoming the Next Big Thing in gourmet cooking. From the Food Wolf, I learned how a simple butternut squash dish can change your life. Intriguing, no?? I mean, the dish literally made her stop and pray. She was on her honeymoon in Italy at the time so her life was already going through what seems to be heady but joyful changes, so the fact that this butternut squash dish made any impact on her makes this a must-try recipe.

From SensiGirl, I found a delish-sounding gluten-free, casein-free spicy stuffing. Oh yeah! This made Thanksgiving happy again for her, and I am going to try this out myself and see if it doesn’t turn my pout upside down.

And from Kathy Casey, of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, I stumbled upon a recipe for homemade egg nog that promises to make for some very happy holidays, indeed! 🙂

Okay, the pie is done cooking. Time to let it cool and then head over to the sister’s place for more eats. Bon appetit, and Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll!

UPDATE: Maybe it was because I used pre-made filling but the pie’s flavor was a little sweet for my sister’s taste. I didn’t mind the filling but hated that the almond-pecan crust sort of blended with the custard instead of being a foundation for the pie. Overall, I’d give it a B. Not bad for a first-time attempt at baking gluten-free.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie


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A neighbor playing banjo and a kitten playing at your toes sounds like a rather phenomenal beginning of Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing my Butternut Squash recipe. It’s a special dish that I love to enjoy this time of year. It’s a dish of thankfulness, for sure.

Be well, Brooke

Comment by Brooke @ Food Woolf

Hehe. That kitty is a cute little furball but the nipping at my toes gets old. Thanks for coming by!

Comment by PeacefulFeast

Hi Peacefulfeast,

I just responded to your comment on my blog, but I wanted to make sure you got this 🙂

Thanks so much for the mention in your blog! Unfortunately, many of us are “sensi” folks. It’s great that we can share our experiences and reclaim our good health.

Definitely try the dressing next year! Or anytime if you’re feeling festive. You won’t regret it 🙂

Best health and dishes!

Comment by SensiGirl

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