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To Eat In Peace
November 18, 2009, 7:03 pm
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What to eat when food hurts? I mean achey joints, gassy, runny, bowel movements,  weight that won’t come on or off,  the collateral damage in the war being waged against your body.

I’m talking food allergies.  These are what sends you off into the bathroom for a little alone time with the toilet after eating bread, or tomatoes, or ice cream, or other allergens.

Your doctor may have told you that you have celiac, or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance, lactose intolerance, or an allergy to some common, or not so common, foods.

The most common food allergens are: wheat, soy, fish, corn, eggs, yeast, nightshades, dairy, and tree nuts. Chances are, if you are allergic, you are sensitive to one or more of these foods.

I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity through blood tests about a month ago, and adopted a wheat and gluten-free diet immediately. I quickly learned that gluten and dairy sensitivity goes hand in hand.  I am about 90 percent dairy free and find that my stomach and bowels are much calmer without it. Same with tomatoes, which belong to the nightshade family. I eliminated that and find that there is less drama in the bathroom these days.

Oh yeah: I have painful bladder syndrome, too, which means both #1 and #2 elimination routes are under seige.  PBS means chocolate, coffee, citrus, tomatoes, and alcohol are all no nos. Not saying that I adhere strictly to this — just that these are not allowed.

So, you may be asking after all this information (almost too much), why blog? Well, why not? I need to learn how to join the clean plate club without killing myself.  I can read other allergy blogs and food sites,  but without a place to put everything I find, all that helpful information goes out the old memory hole. Besides, my family, friends and co-workers get bored real fast with my sharing news of gluten-free this and dairy-free that. Never mind my bladder and my bowels, all this food talk leads them to think I got some kind of  problem, which I do, but they don’t, and frankly, they can do without hearing about it.

So, all who have stumbled upon this blog, if you’re still reading … welcome.  Please be at home here. Drop me a line about what brought you to my blog. Pull up a chair. Consider this a neutral zone in the food wars — I don’t advocate a vegetarian diet, or a low-carb diet, or this diet or that.  I’m not a nutrition counselor or a medical doctor. I’m just trying to find food that doesn’t hurt. If that’s what you want, cool, let us then help each other feast in peace! 🙂


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I just started a blog yesterday. I have food allergies and I have celiac disease. I have not eaten any gluten for several years. It was not hard because of the severity of my symptoms. I started the blog for myself as a challenge to develop more recipes to increase the variety of foods in my diet. Once on my allergen- and gluten-free diet I felt so much better that I never looked back. It seems to me that almost everyone has a different set of allergies and there is no single place to find an answer. Fortunately I love to cook and had cooked for 20 years before I had to change my diet. For me the key has not been adapting existing recipes with substitutions, but simply taking a look at what I can eat and developing original recipes. My husband eats my diet everyday and has never complained. My next step is to try new foods, such as amaranth and buckwheat. As I try more foods, I will incorporate them into my diet. Good luck on your new adventure into wellness.

Comment by Me

My first comment! Thanks for the feedback. Food allergens are so common. It makes you wonder what’s going on? All of this is new to me, so it’s a bit overwhelming. I am already experiencing some benefits of going gluten-free, so that in itself is a great motivator to stick with it. I’m beginning to look for more allergen-free body care products, including wheat-free shampoos to help me detoxify my life.

Thanks for visiting. If you send me your blog’s url, and I’ll add you to my blogroll. 🙂

Comment by PeacefulFeast

As a new blogger, I can appreciate how enpowering putting things “out there” can be — you can own the feeling, problem, issue rather than it owning you!
I am trying to write positively about being chronic pain survivor, and have been encouraged to discuss alternative medicine/therapies. Diet as a cause of chronic pain is one area which I plan to explore — both in words and in action.
I’ve know about food allergies all my life — as a child of two, Mom gave me a spoonful of peanut butter and to paraphrase “The Wall,” my head “swelled up like [a] ballon. This was in the days before food contents were on the label, and the broader world acknowledged the extent and serverity of allergies.
I now carry an epipen, and as I have done since I was 2, ask what’s in food before I eat it. I’m allegeric to the entire legume family (to which peanuts belong) to varying degrees ( I can eat green/string beans but not lentils or soyabeans), but luckily, my only life-threatening allergy is to peanuts. I’m also sensitive to most spices (not herbs), and a variety of other air-born allergens.
Now, I am one of many. When I was child I as usually one of one.
Good luck with your blog and your new diet.

Comment by phylor

Thanks, phylor. Sorry, it took so long to get this comment approved. I am still getting used to the blogging software. Even though I am new to this, I am feeling more and more empowered, as you say. I think it’s because I feel free here to speak of the things that have been locked up inside me for so long, for fear that others wouldn’t understand. I too, have always been, as far as I knew, “one of one”. I appreciate the sense of communion that blogging on these symptoms provides. Thanks for stopping by!

Comment by PeacefulFeast

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